How Many Calories Does A Person Burn Cleaning House?

Even though burning calories at a gym is a great idea, most people don’t have the time to go there as often as they’d like. There might be household chores that need to be finished first. What if you were able to transform these household chores to calorie-burning activities? Although sitting at your desk for an extra hour will not burn calories, house cleaning can help you burn off calories. This article provides information on how many calories does a person burn cleaning the house. A recent study revealed that a thorough spring cleaning could burn up to 3,600 calories which is much more than the average 2,600 to 3,500 calories burned running a marathon. On the other hand, if you approach your house cleaning job with a lackadaisical attitude, you won’t be burning as much as 3,600 calories during the session. But if you approach the session more as a workout than simply dusting or vacuuming, you can easily burn some serious calories during the session. The number of calories you burn during the house cleaning sessions may depend on many other factors such as your weight, height, duration, type of activity, and intensity of the session. Heavier people will burn more calories during the same period of time compared to people who are not that heavy. For example, a 150-pound person will burn 99 calories during a 30-minute house cleaning session while a 200-pound person would be burning 131 calories during the same amount of time doing the same activities. On the other hand, the longer one works, the more calories he/she may burn. For example, a 150-pound person might burn up to 99 calories in 30 minutes and 198 calories if he/she continues for 60 minutes with the same activities. The harder one works, the more calories he or she burns. For example, if you are 150 pounds, you will burn 85 calories in 30 minutes performing light work. But if you perform heavy cleaning for 30 minutes, you will burn 153 calories. The type of activity you do also may affect the amount of calories you burn. For example, a 150-pound person will 77 calories washing dishes for 30 minutes. The same person can burn up to 153 calories if he or she mops the floor for 30 minutes. On the other hand, various cleaning activities will help you work out different parts of your body. If you want to shape up your arms, you should indulge in mopping, dusting, polishing, and sweeping the house. If you want to bend or stretch, you can indulge in washing the windows, making the beds, and doing the laundry. These activities will also help tone your thighs and improve the flexibility. Walking up and down the stairs is a good aerobic workout. Washing windows will not only give your arms a good workout but burn up to 167 calories in 30 minutes. The amount of calories burnt may depend on how hard you perform these activities. Even though soap…

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