How Does A Clean House Help Reduce Your Stress?

There is a theory that states your surroundings can actually influence the amount of stress that you are actually feeling. If you are in a cluttered home, or if your office is also in disarray, this can actually influence the state of your mind. People that are constantly stressed out may not have time to clean their home, so it could be a simple aftereffect of not being relaxed enough to clean. However, psychologically speaking, it is possible that the disarray that you see could actually translate to confusion in the mind leading to the stress that we all feel. Here are a few reasons on why having a clean house could actually lead to a reduction in your stress. A Clean House Unclutters The Mind Sensory perception plays a large role in the way that we actually feel. Although we are constantly regurgitating information that we have stored in our brain, it’s what we see around us that actively influences the way that we are, and also the way that we feel. The reason that this is true is that we begin to associate what we see around us with memories, and we do this unconsciously. This disarray that we see could actually trigger emotions and memories that were once forgotten, and despite not being able to visualize them in our mind, our body will react. Therefore, by keeping everything in order, this is going to cause her body to respond in a positive manner. A clean house, at least to some people, references a sense of completion. Instead of worrying about whether or not someone is going to come over and see the chaos that we are living in, our mind and body will relax automatically simply because everything around us is organized. It Balances Our Emotions The second thing that a clean house will do for a person is balance their emotions. As mentioned earlier, our memories are directly associated with emotions that we experienced. Essentially, when we feel a certain way, this can evoke memories in our subconscious. These memories will then evoke related feelings. It becomes a cycle that we may not even be aware of, circulating within our subconscious mind, causing us to react in a conscious manner. When you see someone that is shifting in regard to their disposition, sometimes it happens because of the place you happen to be standing. In the same way, by having a cleanly home, you can evoke feelings of contentment and happiness. Knowing that there is nothing to do, such as cleaning our home, can actually evoke positive feelings which can augment our emotions. It Changes Both Individuals And Groups Taking this a step further, if you are in an environment that is perfectly organized, this can affect everyone that is in the room. The reason that this happens is that each individual is going to start feeling better because of the lack of disarray, and this will influence the way they are thinking and the things…

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