How To Keep Your House Organized And Clean

Keeping your house organized and clean is easy once you have your system in place. Start by assessing your personal needs for keeping your home clean and organized.

Does everything have its place? In order to fully accomplish this task, you’re going to have to ensure that everything has its place. Start with one room. It can be any room but you want to be able to finish it in one day so that you can see something done and accomplished.

Go to your room and get rid of anything that you haven’t used in the previous year. Either give it away, sell it at in a yard sale, or if it’s broken, throw it out.

Hopefully, this has purged a large amount of clutter from your room. If not, go through it again and be a bit more ruthless. Get rid of things that you don’t need, use or want.

Now that you’ve narrowed down your things in this room, find a place for each and every item. If it doesn’t belong in this room, put it where it goes.

Do this for every room in your home. Be vigilant and systematic in your efforts. It will take time (it didn’t become cluttered in one day) and you’ll have to be firm with yourself on some things.

Once you’ve narrowed it down, invest in some organization tools to use so that you can use to corral your belongings. Consider baskets, shelves, under bed storage boxes and the like.

Get everything in its place and tidy up your rooms. If you do this right, you’ll have neater rooms in just half an hour each day.

Once you’ve gone over the entire house, you’re going to find that simply remembering to put everything in its place as you take things out and put them back will help to keep your house organized and clean.

If you’re leaving a room, take anything with you that needs to be put away and put it away as you go by where it belongs. Get into this habit and make sure that you teach this to everyone who lives in your house.

Soon, you’ll see that your house is staying neater and cleaner. It will be easier to vacuum and dust when you keep things picked up and put away.

As you purchase new things, you may need to get rid of things that you’re no longer wearing, or using. This will help you to keep things in rotation and out of the junk pile that tends to accumulate in your home.

It’s easy to get off track by not putting things away for a day or so. When this happens, be sure to go over the house and pick things back up and go back to your routine.

Keeping a routine in motion will help you to keep your home neat and tidy. Vacuum at least twice per week (more if needed) and dust after vacuuming (vacuuming can cause dust to settle on the furnishings so always dust after you vacuum).

By focusing on one room at a time and giving that room your undivided attention, you’ll have your home looking neater quicker.

One last thing to remember is that you need to do the dishes each and every night. No skipping out on this chore. Even if it’s late, get them done. You’ll just feel a whole lot better by waking up to a nice clean kitchen.

Mop your kitchen floor after doing the dishes and enjoy your nice clean kitchen each and every morning. These tips will help to keep your house organized and clean.